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Our Features

Have you ever worried about “it’s too expensive to take a taxi”? Choose us, you can get a fixed-rate fare service, don’t have to worry about distance and elapsed time.

You can feel comfortable to use because of FIXED-RATE FARE

Welcome to use our fixed-rate fare service from Tokyo to Haneda Airport or Narita Airport.

You can use our service when the flight arrives early morning or late night


Travel by two or more people


A lot of baggage


Don't want to take a crowded train

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. It is a flat rate for each area, so it may be 30% cheaper than normal taxi fares (depending on the area). Please check the price list to check the price.



You can select the type of car according to the number of people.


7 seats/ 6 passengers
4 Large suitcases/ 2 Small suitcases


5 seats/ 4 passengers
3 Medium suitcases


5 seats/ 4 passengers
2 Medium suitcases


Price List

"For late night / early morning from 22:00 to the next 5:00, apply for late-night surcharge”

  • Area FIXED-RATE FARE (disability-related discounts) Late night/early morning surcharge 22:00~5:00 fare (disability-related discounts)
    A Katsushika City、Edogawa City、Sumida City、Kōtō City、Minato City Daiba、Shinagawa City Higashi Yashio 19,000yen(17,100yen) 23,000yen(20,700yen)
    B Adachi City、Arakawa City、Taitō City、Bunkyo City、Chiyoda City、Chūō City 23,000yen(20,700yen) 28,000yen(25,200yen)
    C Kita City、Toshima City、Shinjuku City、 Shibuya City、Minato City(Beside of Daiba)、Meguro City、Shinagawa City(Beside of Higashi Yashio)、Ōta City 25,000yen(22,500yen) 30,000yen(27,000yen)
    D Itabashi City、Nerima City、Nakano City、Suginami City、Setagaya City、 Musashino City、Mitaka City 27,000yen(24,300yen) 33,000yen(29,700yen)
  • FIXED-RATE FARE 22:00~5:00
    (disability-related discounts)
    Late night/early morning surcharge 22:00~5:00
    (disability-related discounts)
    Chiyoda City (Including Tokyo Station Yaesu Central) 6,900yen(6,200yen) 8,300yen(7,400yen)
    Shibuya City 7,800yen(7,000yen) 9,200yen(8,200yen)
    Shinjuku City 8,300yen(7,400yen) 9,800yen(8,800yen)
    Nakano City 9,100yen(8,100yen) 10,800yen(9,700yen)
    Suginami City 9,900yen(8,900yen) 11,700yen(10,500yen)
    Setagaya City 8,100yen(7,200yen) 9,600yen(8,600yen)
    Bunkyo City 8,600yen(7,700yen) 10,000yen(9,000yen)
    Toshima City 10,200yen(9,100yen) 12,100yen(10,800yen)
    Kita City 10,100yen(9,000yen) 11,900yen(10,700yen)
    Itabashi City 11,300yen(10,100yen) 13,400yen(12,000yen)
    Adachi City 10,200yen(9,100yen) 12,000yen(10,800yen)
    Edogawa City 8,200yen(7,300yen) 9,700yen(8,700yen)
    Sumida City 8,400yen(7,500yen) 9,900yen(8,900yen)
    Taitō City 8,400yen(7,500yen) 9,900yen(8,900yen)
    Arakawa City 9,500yen(8,500yen) 11,200yen(10,000yen)
    Katsushika City 10,400yen(9,300yen) 12,300yen(11,000yen)
    Nerima City 11,700yen(10,500yen) 13,800yen(12,400yen)
    Musashino City 12,800yen(11,500yen) 15,200yen(13,600yen)
    Mitaka City 12,200yen(10,900yen) 14,400yen(12,900yen)


If you choose a minivan type will have an additional cost, the other types don’t need to pay the extra amount.

Reservation can be accepted from 2 months to 12 hours before the day of use.

Yes, there has a welcome service. The airport pick-up service requires an additional cost. To welcome our important guest, welcome to use this service.

If there is a stopover, one place within the same area will be covered within the cost, but if there are more than two places, the meter cost will be applied. Please contact us for details.

If your flight is delayed, we will continue to wait for you at the gate. However, if it affects the reception hours reserved by other guests, we will cancel the ride contract with you and return the deposit. In the case of canceled flights, we will take the same action.


Our "SORATAKU" has the following advantages that we supported and used by many customers.

FIXED-RATE FARE makes customers feel comfortable

The corresponding areas listed on the price list can provide services at a fixed price, and will not increase the cost due to traffic congestion, which is more favorable than ordinary taxis.

Private and Comfortable Space

You don't have to worry about if you have lots of luggage or the family with children can also enjoy comfortable services without worrying about other people.

Can be used twenty-four seven

Extra fares are available, can also be used during late night and early morning hours (22:00 to 5:00). We can respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can respond according to your schedule.

Group makes more discount

Because of the fixed price, so if you are a group with many people, the price per person can be used at a reasonable price.

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Operating Company Profile

Operating company:DAIEI TAXI Co., Ltd.
The person in charge:Representative Director EITETSU AN
Address:1-13-13, Higashisakashita, Itabashi City, Tokyo To, Japan
Contact usPlease contact us from
Fares and fees:Described on the service details page(based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved fees)
The amount that will be generated beyond the selling price:When using consumption tax or toll facilities (parking lot, highway, etc.), please pay separately at actual cost.
Payment method:Credit card payment
Time of payment:By credit card at the time of booking confirmation(Ride cost)
Cancellation: Able to cancel your reservation by phone or email.
Please refer to the cancellation charges listed below. The service is 20% before 3 days, 50% before 2 days, 75% before 1 day, and 100% refund (within 24 hours before boarding) on the same day. Changing the reservation date will also incur the above fees.

Terms of Service

1.(General Rule)
1.1 The terms of use (described below in "these terms") refer to customers (hereinafter described as "user") who use the airport shuttle taxi service (described below as “sorataku”), DAIEI TAXI Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “operating company”) describes various treaties made by contracts concluded between them.
1.2 By confirming the appointment of this service through this web page ( or using a mailbox, telephone, FAX, and other communication equipment, you have agreed to this clause.
1.3 These Terms are applied to provide the Service to the customer.
1.4 These terms should be formulated for the reasonable operation between the company and the user.

2.(Regulatory Compliance)
2.1 User and the operating company shall agree to the terms of this service.

3.(Measures in Case of Violation of the Terms)
3.1 Act that violates this treaty or may interfere with services, or act prohibited by Article 4, the operating company has the right to suspend the use of the service for users who engage in acts that the operating company considers inappropriate.
3.2 The operating company shall not be liable for any damages or disadvantages or disadvantages arising from the exercise of the rights outlined in the preceding paragraph.

4.(Prohibited Matters)
The user must not perform any of the prohibited matters specified in the following items when receiving this service.

Use this service to acts of terrorism or similar acts
Violation of public order and morals
Providing benefits to antisocial forces
The user forgery for purpose
Acts that intentionally disadvantage to the operating company
During the provision of this service, creating a situation in which the operation must be interrupted, and the act of determining that cause driver can’t continue to work
Affecting the operation of the service
The act of transferring the rights obtained through this service to a third party
Acts of damaging or degrading vehicles and vehicle equipment due to customer's intention or negligence
Other acts that violate related laws are prohibited.

5.(Compensation for damages)
5.1 In the event of damages that violate the prohibitions stipulated in Article 4, the operating company will claim the user for damages

6.1 The operator is not responsible for natural disasters, wars, terrorism, riots, or other disruptions caused by force major
6.2 The scope of responsibilities in these Terms is limited to operations for providing services to users
6.3 The operating company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the user of breaching these Terms
6.4 In the case of damage to the user due to the gross negligence or intention of the operating company, we will be liable only within the scope of the damage.
6.5 The operating company has no responsibility for loss or lost items.
6.6 In the event of an accident or a situation requiring urgent, we will replace the provision of alternative vehicles with the provision of this service. Any delays caused at that time are outside the scope of compensation, and the operating company will not bear any debt

7.(Suspension or termination of the service)
7.1 The operating company may suspend or terminate the service without prior notice to the user
7.2 The operating company shall not be liable for any damage or disadvantage caused by the preceding paragraph.

8.(The revision of the Terms)
8.1 The operating company may revise the Terms without prior notice to the user. The revised Terms are deemed to have been confirmed by the user

9(Notification from user to operating company)
9.1 In providing this service, the operating company will notify the user of the reservation confirmation in principle
9.2 Notification of this service shall be made by e-mail, telephone, or other appropriate communication means.
9.3 Regarding the appointment acceptance notice from the operating company, it will take a certain amount of time after the user submits the appointment
9.4 Also, if communication is difficult due to disaster, etc., Article 6 shall be applied.

10.(Payment Terms)
10.1 When using this service, make payment using a payment company designated by the operating company
10.2 After the reservation for use application is confirmed, pay the credit card in advance
10.3 If the settlement is not confirmed, the reservation will be treated as a hold and other reservations (paid) will have priority
10.4 Regarding the refund procedure and shortages request of this service, it is performed by the payment company designated by the operating company or the credit company

11.(Customer Data)
11.1 We will strictly manage all personal information entered when using this service and appropriately process and manage it according to the privacy policy.

12.(Governing Law, Jurisdiction)
12.1 These Terms shall be interpreted following the laws of Japan.
12.2 If any lawsuit or dispute arises concerning these Terms, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall have jurisdiction.